everything from articles and animations to snow reports and screensavers, the Boarders Edge is the ultimate website for boarders everywhere. As you carve through the site, you will notice that the Boarders Edge is  interactive, yet informative and rich in content as well. The site is divided into sections which are easily accessed by the Boarders Edge navigation toolbar on the right side of the screen. It is from there that you can catch up on whats new in the industry, read some articles by our experienced writers, download a snowboarding screensaver, take part in the online discussion board, or check out the many other parts of the Boarders Edge.

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appealing to all riders, from the most novice to the most advanced. This is because we know that all riders out there are not professionals, and then again not all riders are just picking up the sport. It is because of this diversity among our visitors that we try to diversify our articles. You will not see five articles on technique or five articles on clothing in one issue. There will always be fresh, interesting, and informative articles on the Boarders Edge. And there will always be something for everyone.


the Boarders Edge Industry News section. Stay informed on everything from company merges to race results. The industry news section of the Boarders Edge is constantly updated to bring you snowboarding news as it unfolds. You don't need to be the last to know about current snowboarding news. Check out Industry News daily to keep up on what's going on.


you will find no place else on the web. Only the Boarders Edge has stylin' screensavers, high-quality wallpapers for your desktop, and awsome animated pictures. Not only is this multimedia content completely free and readily available for download, but it is some of the highest quality content anywhere and updated frequently.


sport that started with a single company, now there are over 100 companies in the industry. Thats great, because everyone knows that competition leads to better products, but how can you pick out those better products? How can you find out which snowboard is best for you? Thats where the Boarders Edge helps out. We have hundreds of snowboard reviews written by people all over the world on all different snowboards. Looking to buy a particular board? Check out our review section and read experiences that others have had with it. Even e-mail the person who submitted the review to talk further about it.

We encourage people to write their own reviews as much as we encourage them to read others. This way we can keep expanding our review database, reaching the point where we have reviews for nearly every board made. That is our goal for the review section. To have a database of reviews on every snowboard made. Help us reach that goal by adding a review on your snowboard.


has more mountains listed in it's mountain report section then any other site on the web. Not only covering every mountains (yes, every mountain) in the United States, but we cover every mountain in France, Switzerland, and Austria as well. Find not only the latest boarding conditions, but also find phone numbers and addresses of your favorite mountains. With mountain listings based on region, it is easy to locate exactly the mountains you are looking for and get the latest.


Boarders Edge discussion board. Submit your own message or repond to another rider's message. Our discussion board works under the same system as a usenet group, but is easier to use. It's self explanatory system of posting and reading messages will appeal to any boarder looking for a great way to stay in touch with other riders and will allow them to respond to issues they think are important.


equipment retailer, bigdeal.com, the Boarders Edge and Bigdeal are proud to present you with the Board Buying Edge. With the Board Buying Edge, anyone interested can get educated on all the major pieces of snowboard equipment, can check out specific information on any piece of equipment that bigdeal carries, and can even purchase the equipment online for some of the lowest prices you can find.

Not interested in buying? The get educated section of the Board Buying Edge is invaluable to anyone who is not sure just how to go about choosing snowboard equipment. It will teach you the basics for choosing boots, binding, boards, and clothing. Also, click on any of of the equipment listed in the shop section and get detailed information on that product. Any potential buyer should check out the Board Buying Edge before they buy.

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