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We thought it was time to give the Boarders Edge some new equipment for the '98 - '99 snowboarding season. So, we have taken advantage of some of the latest web technologies to make the Boarders Edge even more enjoyable to view.The changes are small now, but in the coming weeks there will be some significant changes. To enter the site, you now must have a plugin for your browser that will let you take advantage of the new Boarders Edge. It is called the Shockwave Flash plugin, and it lets you see and hear things on the web like you never could before. Some people may already have the plugin for their browsers. A simple test to see if you do have the plugin is to hold your mouse over the yellow box below. If the box changes form, then you do have the plugin. If it does not, or if you see no yellow box, then simply follow this link to get the plugin in a simple way that requires only a couple minutes and no knowledge of how to download. If you already had Shockwave Flash or if you just got it then you can now enter the Boarders Edge by scrolling to the bottom of your screen and clicking on "enter".